Dr Apurva Tamhane: Holistic Practitioner, Wellbeing Coach, Yoga Teacher

The Greatest Wealth is Health

Dr Apurva Tamhane is a Homeopath, Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Bach Flower Practitioner. He also practices Reiki, Pranic Healing and holistic nutrition. He is an Integrated Wellness Practitioner with Six Senses in Bhutan and brings in the benefits of all of these factors to the lives of many.

He has also been involved in many aspects of Nutritional Coaching, Nutraceuticals and wholesome food. He brings in various services like Online Wellness Consultations, Homeopathy consultations, group and private yoga classes and meditation sessions.


Dr Apurva uses his holistic skills to detect the underlying causes of health concerns and diseases. The real meaning of diseases comes from dis-ease, i.e. being away from ease. Lifestyles of today demand a lot of input from one's health. He works with chronic concerns like fatigue, old-time diseases, relieving Cancers and helping boost self-immunity. Ancient Science has proven that if the body’s immunity is strong enough, then although one may feel the signs and symptoms of the disease, they would not suffer a lot because of the disease. They would also recover from the diseases.


Dr Apurva invests a lot of time on understanding the root causes, but at the same time to give a multifocal approach to improve health. Acute and quick-acting prescriptions help to alleviate ailments; while deep-acting remedies would annihilate the chronic concerns.



Dr Apurva has been practising Homeopathy from 2005. He has worked in different countries. Spending time in Seychelles and Mauritius, he got to understand the diversity of concerns among different cultures. He got to work with people from European and American population. His further endeavours within India, Bhutan helps to reach out to the world.

Dr Apurva also works well with doctors from the modern fraternity and combines the wealth of knowledge from them, laboratory results, traditional diagnosis, pulse analysis.


He presents a unique approach with Wellness Coaching, Yogic lifestyle, but still not overwhelming. A stitch in time saves Nine - is what he believes in. And he helps to implement a step at a time to bring a wellness journey.


Belonging from India, Dr Apurva did his Masters in Homeopathy Materia Medica from the prestigious Maharashtra University of Health Science. He continued further training with Reiki healing, Yogic practices, Bach flower therapy, Wellness Coaching. Lately, he has made advances in Nutrition and natural nutraceuticals.


To make an appointment:


Call: +91 6395166306


A believer in Telemedicine and making use of the latest development in Audio-Visual communication, Dr Apurva makes it easy for all, wherever you are to communicate and consult.

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