We are presenting the different treatments for your service from www.apurvatamhane.com. Dr Apurva Tamhane has connected with quite a good number of professionals and healers through his travels. Book for yourself the best of treatments that you think will help bring benefit to your health. Through this page, you will be able to find sessions on Fitness, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine Treatments, Homeopathy and Wellness. We are also featuring Bach Flower Remedy consultations that will help to connect on to the mind level and calm down the turmoil. Through this site, you will be able to find more specialists and practitioners coming up from whom you could avail high-quality services.

Our Services

Below you will find the practitioners who are more than happy to connect with you, online or offline. The practitioners you see here are experts in their domain. Check the various categories of treatments, consultations and offerings we have over here. These would help you to understand what would connect the most with you. And if you wish to have a call with Dr Apurva before booking, to help understand what could be the best session for you. You may also find some online meditation sessions, group yoga sessions and YouTube videos that you can view at a later stage.

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Dr Apurva Tamhane

Wellness Practitioner and Yogi

Dr Ayush Bhatia

Homeopathy Physician and Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Prachi Gaikwad

Veterinary Doctor and Holistic Care Enthusiast