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Welcome to Dr Apurva Tamhane's website. Dr Apurva Tamhane is a wellness healer. He has been working in the Wellness Field for 14 years and brings along rich experience in working with Homeopathy, Wellness Coaching, Reiki, Bach Flower remedies, Yoga and Meditation.
The Old and Wise say, where medicine ends, Surgery begins. They also say, that where modern medicine ends, Traditional Medicine begins!
Traditional medicine brings in a lot of benefits in not only in difficult concerns but also in day to day lives.

Dr Apurva has been fortunate enough to meet people of high calibre, experience who have given a lot of benefits to the people they met.
Through this website, Dr Apurva attempts to bring this resolve, of bringing wellness for all through Free consultations, Group sessions, Private sessions and Wellness Retreats are available. 

Dr Apurva Tamhane M.D.
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