There is no exception and alternative to wellness living

Dr Apurva Tamhane

AUG 03 2020

Wellness is now a very much integral part of your daily routine

Wellness is now a very much integral part of your daily routine

More than half a year has now gone by without much productivity. And the ill luck is if we try to bring in productiveness, the coronavirus becomes even more productive. Unfortunatly it asks us to sit down and do nothing.
It is an invicible danger lurking out there.

In such a scenario, wellness has become even more important than ever.
It has thus been proved again and again, with the blacksmith's hammer stroke, that taking care of your health is of utmost importance. Wellness is the other side of Medical Care. If we were to consider it as a paradigm, Wellness is the aspect of Awareness, Education and Growth of the better aspects of living.
Medical care deals with understanding Signs, Symptoms, diseases. It even deals with reducing the health concerns but only coming to a neutral point. But it is rightly said that only removal of signs and symptoms is not becoming well.
It is simply coming to a neutral point.

But moving towards the wellness standards, improving your immune system, allowing self cells and tissues to regrow is the best way to treat.

Try to invest in good health, management of stress, immune boosting and improving digestion ways to help improve your health and better fight any new and existing diseases.

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