10 reasons why one should and how one should eat healthy

Eating healthy is one of the greatest necessities of today. Food comes in various forms and in different colours, textures and taste. Food is the most necessary element of our life because it gives us a lot of nutrients and energy to grow well and manage our day to day duties. Food was available in organic forms or natural forms a few decades back. But after the industrial revolution food necessity increased and this has led to having food grown with the use of chemicals pesticides and insecticides.

But finding food which is more natural and healthy is still easy on this date. What you need to do is to try to get better quality food from organic farmers or you can even try to grow it. When we eat good quality food, we get all kinds of nutrients. They are fluids, micronutrients and macronutrients. All of these foods can be gained from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

While there are many nutrition guides published by Health and Wellness departments of governments and institutions, one has to approach a local source kind of healthy diet. This can be gained by looking at what is easily available in your location. What is the most favourite kind of food that you would like to consume? For example fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, nuts and greens.

Also, we need to ensure that sufficient amounts of Vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated fats are consumed well and it helps to give a very good health dietary intake. According to Harvard School of Public Health, a proper food should have the following 10 recommendations:

  1. Consume good carbohydrates gained from whole grains, vegetables. Avoid white bread or sugary food being consumed to a large extent.

  2. Pay proper attention towards what kinds of protein are being consumed. Protein gives amino acids and amino acids are the building blocks of our body. Do a proper consumption of fish, poultry and we should be done with the daily intake of proteins.

  3. Choose healthy fats which are not saturated. They are gained from plant oil, nuts and fish. They are the best fats because they help in providing proper energy.

  4. Include a good amount of fibre filled diet. Make sure whole grains vegetable and fruits are included a colourful diet with vegetables and fruits are considered more good

  5. Include a good amount of Calcium in the diet. The main source of Calcium is milk but there are other sources as well like bok-choy, soy milk, beans, supplement with Calcium and Vitamin D.

  6. Include a lot of water. Water coming from other beverages is also okay, but try to limit sugary drinks, juices and beverages. Limit including nicotine like tea and coffee.

  7. 100% fruit juice, low fat milk can fit in as a healthy diet but should be consumed in moderation.

  8. Reduce salt intake. Try to choose more fresh foods rather than process once because processed foods have a lot of salt in it.

  9. Drink alcohol in moderation. While it has some health benefits, they are not recommended for everyone.

  10. Lastly also include some form of multivitamin or extra Vitamin D because these are very much necessary today apart from nutrition include a lot of physical exercise and try to make healthy body diet.

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