7 Wellness Tips to improve lifestyle

Hi. In today's article we will talk about the top 7 Wellness tips for a good help and life. If you're to open your internet browsers, whether be Chrome or Firefox or any of the latest apps you would find a lot of information about how to improve your health and how you can have the best levels of Wellness. I promise you that the lists can become a very overwhelming cloud to look at, and would leave you in the uttermost confused state before reading about it.

The question starts with What is Wellness in reality? Well, there is nothing new to it. Wellness has been there right from the first living being on Mother Earth and is present to the very next second in time that you will witness. In fact, Wellness is a Lifestyle. Wellness is how you decide to live and how you act upon this moment to improve the quality of Living. To make it a little easier, Wellness has three major areas to look upon. These are the Body, Mind and the Soul.

The body is the physical presence that we experience. Without the body, our mind cannot exist and our soul cannot express. The mind is what develops in the sentient faculty of the brain and gives us the power of thinking, processing and expressing. But how does this sentient faculty develop? Imagine an exact replica of yourself, sitting just beside you. It does not have any life in it. It cannot understand, cannot respond and is just an exact copy of the cells, organs and a body structure that you have. This exact replica of your body cannot understand even a pinch. This is what differentiates within yourself and the structure of cells and organs.

When this structure as it is, builds up in the mother's womb, gets instilled with life, it starts to understand, express and adapt to the surrounding and progresses as it grows. Thus a Wellness strategy can be complete only when it touches each of these three entities. Here mentioned are the different tricks and tips that you can explore for improving your Wellness goal.

Improve Physical Wellness - The FSEB

The first goal is to look at the most easiest aspect that is your body. Try to understand how you feel about your body. Our body starts to become better when it is doing good in four areas namely, Flexibility, Strength, Endurance and Balance. How could you improve on these four areas? It can be as simple as taking a long walk, or doing some stretches, getting into yoga, meeting your physiotherapist and doing some mobility exercises.

As your flexibility would start to improve, you can explore other areas to understand your body. Are your body joints moving properly? Are there any aches and pain due to stiffness? Or is there any other concern that you should address?

Diet and Digestion

The second area which is again on the physical body is to look after your diet and digestion. Remember, What You Eat, Is Not What You Get.

Our body, to be precise our stomach and the intestine, churn and break down our food into the smallest of possible entities. These are amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids and the simplest form of minerals. While this is one aspect or function of the digestive system, the other aspect is absorption of these simple molecules from the intestine, taking them through the blood towards the Liver. This is the second function, while the next function is very important, that the Liver then uses these simple molecules to resynthesize into what is required by the body. If this function is not at its optimal level, then however best foods you eat you will not get benefit from it at all. In fact, most of it will be thrown out of the body almost as it is.

Also, in the current day-to-day lives, the quality of food available is quite unpredictable. Thus including some form of probiotics has become necessary. Probiotics not only helps our digestion and absorption function, it also boosts our immune system and also enhances our mood. Probiotics can be foods like yoghurt, kombucha, kimchi, miso or even if there was a good source from a natural pharmacy.

Mind and Soul Practice

The third practice that I would suggest would be on the mind and soul level. It has become a very tight scheduled lifestyle today. We often do or rather we have to do it in a back to back order, so that we can meet our work deadlines and also attempt to enhance our personal lives. But we have forgotten the need to destress. And doing a destress does not require a whole lot of your time. If you have exhausted, start to take a short break to disconnect yourself from reality and work. And take a few steps towards recovery. Even if it means a few minutes in the morning, a few minutes in the evening, it would still be a good start, something which can be continued for later.

Trying to find balance in your social life, work life and personal life is very important. Next try to create a routine in the morning. Morning hours are usually filled up with lots of energy, although there are exceptions to it. There are many people who find evening to be the best and yet some others find night time to be the most focused time for them. Our main goal is to create a routine in the best time that is possible for you. Your routine could be as simple as writing a journal, doing some stretches, reading your favourite book or even as simple as making a cup of coffee and sitting with it for a while doing nothing.

Although the phrase doing nothing is nearly next to impossible. Because the wise have said that when you say you are doing nothing, it still means you are doing something. Even if our physical body might not be doing anything, we would still be thinking, pondering, being happy or feeling sad, anxious. We would be engaged in some or the other way.


Here you could start to learn the practice of meditation. Meditation does not need to be only breathing. But meditation can become interesting as well. The meaning of meditation is to concentrate. This concentration can be on visual, can be on smell or even on sound. Meditation on sound is by and large a very successful form of meditation. You can focus on a sound created by instruments or you can create the sound yourself by your voice. Check some of the videos that we have on our website, to understand sound meditation by your voice.

Stay Hydrated

The next most important thing for your body, mind and soul to function well is by drinking enough water. Water is considered as the most important nutrient. If we lack drinking water it will start giving us a lot of problems.

Local and natural food

The next suggestion would be about choosing the food that you eat locally, which grows locally. These days farmers are making our herbs, spices, vegetables look more attractive by infusing steroids and other chemicals, to increase the quantity of the food grown. This kind of food does not have the same nutrient value as would be grown otherwise in a natural manner.

Do not keep an option to buy food grown on steroids and chemicals. Support your local farmer by buying organic and natural foods. The more natural it is, the better nutrient value it has. Also try to cook at least one meal in a day by yourself. When you cook yourself you are in a better touch with what you eat.


The next suggestion is if you have some more extra time that you could invest in yourself. Think of going for retreats. As the word says, a Retreat is a comeback. A comeback from the stresses of our daily life. A comeback from what is now considered as a mind toxic. Retreat is very much necessary which would not have been a few decades back.

Invest your time in Detox yoga oil based treatments which will even surely help to improve your balance as is understood through the Ayurvedic dosha analysis or the homeopathic miasmatic analysis. Chinese medicine treatments including acupuncture, Moxibustion and Copping are also very useful forms of alternative treatments. If you have any questions or queries do get in touch with us at the details mentioned below and we will be more than happy to provide further clarification.

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