A post after quite some time!

It has been quite some time that I wrote any post on my webpage. The last time I had mentioned about starting of my clinic in Pune. So after a long time and venturing into the world outside India, I went to different countries, met wonderful people, gained a lot of inspiration, motivation.

I was continuing my journey through Six Senses in Bhutan. A rich experience as it was! But destiny wanted me to come back to my home land. The place where I started with my medical career, was waiting for me to contribute.

I started with this clinic which my uncle was running until the lockdown. He had been running his practice since 1980 - a mix of modern medicine and Ayurveda. I had been working with him a decade back. That was in between 2006 till 2012. I had thought in those days that I would most probably be practicing only here and my life would not lead me anywhere else.

But then I moved on and on and on and came back to the same place!

Perhaps I should had never left this place. But, I do always say one phrase: "Right things happen at the Right time in the Right place. So do not worry about the Right thing Right now!" Whatever happened, did happen because of the thoughts which were right at that time. Giving a second thought to it, now, that too after a decade does not matter much and does not change anything.

So I came down in September while working with COVID people and at the same time setting up things. But I was still half heartedly hoping that I would be able to go back to Bhutan. I felt that my family would not had been able to come with me over there, but I yearned for it. I knew my future there was great, my career would had grown better. But I would had missed my family. Not that I was not allowed to bring them to Bhutan, but our requirements as a family, for my son and social life would be incomplete.

Continued in the next post.....

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