As I moved along places.....

For that reason, we had chosen Delhi as our place of connect for the past 2+ years. I do strongly feel as I write, that we were destined to come to Pune. As the situations unfolded, it was becoming more and more impossible that I could get back to Bhutan; or even stay in Delhi. While I was getting projects and work from Home Office, but the unsureness of the situation was eating me; as had happened during Seychelles, Dehradun and others.

Probably the main concern was that I am the only bread earner for the family, I cannot sustain myself in such times of uncertainty. My feet need to find firm ground 24 x 7, to help grow and continue.

My needs are not that big; that is what I feel. I wish to provide honest treatments, have a good home, a vehicle, FCS and a bit of leisure.

Coming to Pune brought all the things together. The situations which had wrought me a decade earlier had changed. I could now practice on my own, have my own standing and have people listen to me and understand my view points.

Thus starting from the 21st of September, I re-made a new beginning. Working with COVID affected people, I started to regain my confidence to manage a medical practice of my own. Through December, I separated from the COVID center, now that the number of cases were dwindling, I shifted to General Practice.

I am thus now available for your care and concerns at Tamhane Clinic at Kunjirwadi in Pune. It is a day care clinic where I am combining the best of Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Yoga and Modern medicine. I look forward for the Pharmacology course so that I could bridge myself well with the nitty-gritties of the legal situations of practicing multiple practices. But my intention is to skim out and bring the best to the people around here.

Do get in touch with me at or WhatsApp at +91 6395166306 for online queries and concerns.

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