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Wellness Lifestyle Company brings its first wellness retreat with RAAS in India that has taken up the challenge to bring benefits to the people. 

The last few months have weighed heavily on the health and happiness of people. The busy lives, urban living, noisy streets and stress from work and deadlines were as if it was not enough. We have been facing the unknown, to which there is no solution to date.

The only and only saviour is to improve your lifestyle, boost your immunity and raise the hopes of surviving from this pandemic.

However we try, our patience is being tested to their limits. Wellness Lifestyle Company with RAAS Devigarh brings in this opportunity to hit the Reset button. Partnering with Wellness Lifestyle, and having COVID free premises, RAAS brings together some of the seasoned Wellness professionals who have worked with different wellness organizations of today.

Raas Devigarh blends with Wellness Lifestyle, to bring in the benefits of an integrated health approach from Ayurveda, Sowa Rigpa, Naturopathy, Shiatsu, KORE, Bach flower remedies, Homeopathy and lifestyle consultations.

Focusing on the "Need of Today" Private and group sessions are for the participating guest. A focus on Non-Touch Sessions, to Yoga and Reiki, WLC will be led by Dr Avilochan Singh.

Dr Avilochan Singh's expertise helps one to understand his life foundation. In-depth knowledge of wellness combined with Ayurvedic Dosha analysis, knowledge passed on through generations, his work brings suggestions on nutrition and goals right to the point.

Harminder Singh brings in a Shiatsu and remedial bodywork approach, while the rest of the team provides complete healing with Reiki, Bach flower and Yoga.

What else could be a natural way to understand the concerns of health and come out with the next steps for your Wellness Journey?

  • RAAS Devigarh and Wellness Lifestyle have come up with 2 retreats to suit your needs.

  • The first retreat is from August 21 to 24. The total price for the retreat is INR 113,000 excluding taxes. If you wish to come with your partner, the Double occupancy rates are INR 152,000 excluding taxes.

  • The second retreat is from August 25 to 31. The total price for the retreat is INR 243,000 excluding taxes. If you wish to come with your partner, the Double occupancy rates are INR 338,000 excluding taxes.

  • The next schedule for September 2020 is from September 18 to 21 for the short retreat. The long retreat is from September 22 to 28. Rates are same as in August.

For reservations, please contact on
Tel: +91 9587022650 . Email: wellness@raasdevigarh.com
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Dr Apurva Tamhane

Wellness Practitioner and Yogi

Dr Ayush Bhatia

Homeopathy Physician and Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Prachi Gaikwad

Veterinary Doctor and Holistic Care Enthusiast